'Big Brother' Season 21: What Night One's Big Twist Means for the House

Big Brother is back! Which means we are in for another summer of plotting, scheming, back doors, and showmances. Could life get any better?

Last night, we got to meet all 16 of the newest houseguests, find out their game plans, and start judging who we think could take home the money. But there were a few twists on night one that no one could have seen coming.


What was the biggest twist of the night?

Almost immediately after the houseguests settled into their new home, they were introduced to the newest position of the summer, Camp Director.

Initially, the players were not told what the role of Camp Director would actually entail, only that the person would receive a big advantage in the game.

Many of the women were keen to choose Jessica Milagros as the director, but Jackson Michie steered more houseguests in his favor and earned 10 votes.

“I’m pissed! Like, someone lied to me,” Milagros said after the votes were revealed. “A lot of people lied to me. I’m so mad! I have to rethink what I’m going to do.”


What does the Camp Director do?

Once the Camp Director position was announced, several people started vying for the role without even knowing what they would have to do. This was a bit shocking because as Big Brother fans know, no power is ever given on the show without great repercussions.

And that is exactly what happened with the Camp Director.

“Jackson, congratulations on your new job,” host Julie Chen announced, once the votes had been counted. “As Camp Director, you will be safe at the first live eviction. As the Director of Camp BB, you must choose to banish four houseguests. The four you choose will be out of the Big Brother game.”

The houseguests were rightfully shocked to hear this, but that wasn’t all.

Chen continued, explaining that all was not lost for the four houseguests who would be banished.

Once banished, they would have to compete in a head-to-head battle where three would eventually return to the house, but one person would be sent home.

And this would all take place before the first eviction.


“The only way to stay safe is to make sure Jackson doesn’t banish you,” Chen said.

What this means for the house

Obviously, this means that four houseguests will be in immediate danger of going home. But, the situation may be even more stressful for Michie. In a matter of hours, he will have made four enemies, three of which will be returning to the house.

It hasn’t been specified what the role of Camp Director will be as the game progresses.

Were there other twists?

Almost immediately after moving into the house, two guests, Tommy and Christie, realized that they knew each other. Tommy is related to Christie’s ex-girlfriend. The two decided not to tell anyone that they knew one another.

But later, Chen revealed that there could be several houseguests who know one another from the outside.

The game continues tonight on the second part of the season premiere.

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