Beer prices have jumped by 10p a pint in the last year as Good Pub Guide reveals cheapest boozers

THE price of a pint has fizzed up 10p in the last year.

The average beer across the country now costs £3.79, according to the makers of the Good Pub Guide.

But drinkers in London have to pay a third more for their ale than those in Shropshire.

In that county you can enjoy the cheapest pint in Britain at just £3.46.

In the capital a glass of the foamy brew will set you back a staggering £4.57, up from an average of £4.44 last year.

London is followed by Surrey, where a pint at the pub will set you back £4.06 on average.

The rising prices come due to increasing business rates, rents and staff wages, said Fiona Stapely, Good Pub Guide editor.

The Guide’s Pub of the Year is the Inn at Whitewell in Clitheroe, Lancashire, which traces its history back to the 1300s when it was a small manor house.

It became an inn in the 1700s and now aims "to offer a relaxed and friendly service, avoiding too much frippery, devoid of snobbery".

"Every aspect of this lovely pub is truly first class," the guide says.

A pint of beer at the pub costs from £4.

How to find cheaper beer

IF you're after the cheapest pint in your area, here are some tips.

  • Snap up the pub's own pale ales – One way to cut down your costs is to go to pubs that sell their own-brewed pale ales as they will sell at a cheaper price per pint than those from an external brewery, the Good Pub Guide told us.
  • Go for a low alcohol content – Pints with a lower alcohol by volume (ABV) tend to be cheaper, so they could be a great option if you like the taste of beer.
  • Become a member of a beer drinker's group -If you’re always in the pub, you may be able to save money by signing up to a beer drinkers’ group. For example, a CAMRA membership gives you vouchers and discounts at JD Wetherspoon pubs. The prices start at £18 a year though, so carefully calculate first whether you think it's worth it.
  • Snap up supermarket deals – If you're not fussed about having your beer in the pub, you can often nab supermarket deals on beers which work out cheaper than at the pub.

As always, please be Drinkaware.

Clitheroe is blessed with award-winning boozers as a rival pub near the Lancashire town was named the Dining Pub of the Year.

The Assheton Arms is in the conservation village of Downham and promises "a timeless country pub charm".

"A well-run pub makes us happy," said Ms Stapley said.

"They are the hub of a local community where customers of all walks of life and of all ages mix easily and they are run by extraordinary, hard-working licensees who have adapted their establishments to fit in with the needs and whims of our modern lives.

"They are uniquely British and should be celebrated. We are very lucky to have them.”

The rising prices come as one in 10 pubs is set to disappear from the high street over the next five years, putting 18,000 jobs at risk.

Nearly 1,000 pubs also shut their doors for good last year with thousands more letting staff go in order to cut costs.

Meanwhile, experts have also warned that the price of a pint could soar to £10 due to a shortages following climate change.

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