Artist creates the most colourful wedding dresses

Finding the ideal wedding dress can be a tough feat – you want something traditional which is also unique and flattering.

One bride who decided she would customise it ended up with the most spectacular bridal outfit.

Artist Taylor Anne Linko wanted her wedding dress to be memorable and also incorporate her colourful personality.

A week before the big day she painted it using airbrushes, creating an assortment of colours at the bottom of the dress.

The outfit also matched the colours in her hair and bouquet.

The iridescent ensemble was loved by many and when Taylor uploaded the picture online, it immediately went viral.

The 28-year-old’s social media pages also popped off, with people enquiring about the dress.

It became so popular that Taylor decided to open her little boutique offering customised styles for brides.

Taylor tells ‘I just wanted to have a colourful dress for my wedding, but have it still look like a wedding gown and at the time there weren’t really any options for that, that I knew of at least. 

‘Turns out I was not the only one looking for something like that given the popularity of my wedding dress over the past four years.’

In her boutique now, Taylor has a bunch of dresses that she has upcycled.

She adds: ‘The dresses are discontinued sample gowns, thrifted gowns, and donations that I fix up and color. Sometimes I do big changes like with the dress I call “Bubble” and sometimes it’s just cleaning and colour.’

Initially Taylor started her business with a custom order method where brides sent the dresses they wanted painted and Taylor got to work.

But soon, Taylor wanted to work on upcycling dresses she could sell online.

She continued: ‘There were a lot of problems I encountered doing custom, and changing the format let me solve basically all of them while allowing me to work faster, and more creatively. 

‘I feel a lot more like an artist now, freely letting myself create as inspiration hits. That’s why I named my shop Canvas Bridal, It just fits, these gowns are my canvases. 

‘I’ve still a lot of work to go, and things to figure out – like international shipping but basically the goal is to post one dress a week on my Instagram, @canvasbridal, and on my online store for sale. 

‘The style of the dress, colors, and size are all completely random. There is also only one of each dress, so once it’s sold, it’s gone. Although I do repeat similar colours at times, no two are exactly the same.’

 You can check out more of Taylor’s creations on her website.

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