Armed Robber Attempts to Hold Up Store with Marine Customer — Instantly Regrets it

The attempted robbery lasts exactly four seconds.

A would-be armed robber in Arizona didn’t get too far into his dastardly plan after attempting to hold up a store — where a US Marine was shopping.

The incident occurred at a Chevron gas station in Yuma at 4:30 AM on Wednesday, and it was all caught on surveillance camera.

The footage, released by Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, shows three suspects bursting into the station, one of them brandishing a handgun. The sole customer waiting in the store doesn’t even flinch.

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The attempted robbery lasts exactly four seconds: as the assailant walks past the motionless customer, gun pointed at the cashier, the man springs into action, grabbing at the gun with his left hand and unleashing a right handed blow at his head:

He doesn’t even manage to secure initially the weapon, but the robbery is over: The two accomplices scurry out of the store and flee, leaving the robber at the mercy of customer — who the sheriff later confirmed is a former U.S. Marine.

He disarmed the juvenile suspect and detained him until officers arrived. The suspect was arrested for one count of armed robbery and one count of aggravated assault.

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None of the victims were injured. The two other suspects remain at large.

When deputies asked the hero — who was not identified — how he managed to take control of the situation, he replied: “The Marine Cops taught me not to [mess] around.” (It appears he used a different word than ‘mess’).

“The Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public, if you see something, say something,” it said it a statement, “and if you have the ability to do so safely, without jeopardizing your safety or the safety of others, do something.”

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