Another heatwave could be imminent as more hot spells predicted until September

The UK may be faced with more spells of heat as the Met Office has warned that heatwaves could last until September.

Yesterday, Tuesday 19 July, saw the temperatures in the country reach up to 40C for the first time ever, leading to the closure of some schools and places of work.

A red alert was even issued by the Met Office due to the weather's danger to life.

The heat has already sparked wildfires across England and deaths due to drowning.

Although temperatures have certainly cooled down today, Wednesday 20 July, it doesn't look the end of the sweltering weather. 

The hot weather could be returning from Sunday 24 July to Tuesday 2 August, according to the Met Office.

They said it's likely that temperatures will be "above average through the period, especially in the southeast where it may be very warm at times".

Furthermore, it's been predicted that Friday 22 July's temperatures in the capital will drop to 22C and rise to 28C by Sunday.

Speaking of the heatwaves, natural hazards expert Prof Hannah Cloke, said: "We’re going to hopefully see an end to this in a couple of days time but there is a remaining risk of going back up again in a week or so afterwards.

"That’s pretty concerning.”

The Met's three month outlook indicates that it is twice as likely that the UK will have a hot July, August and September.

There is also reportedly a 35% chance that the months will be hotter than usual.

Back in June, The Weather Company's Leon Brown predicted that the UK was likely to experience another heatwave that would be hotter than June's 32.7C.

He also said that more heatwaves would occur during the summer.

More specifically, it was predicted that a heatwave could occur in the second half of July and two more in August and September.

Leon told the Mail on Sunday: "More heatwaves imported from the Continent to the UK are forecast this summer, each reaching at least 28C – and likely higher – and each lasting several days."

He added: "We should see well into the 30s – 36C would not be at all surprising."


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