A Peek Inside Bryce Dallas Howards Glamorous LA Home

As the daughter of Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard has seen a good share of Hollywood since she was a child. After training at various notable institutions, she began working in theatrical productions in New York before making her big screen debut in 2004 in The Village. The actress became prominent with her supporting role in Spider-Man 3 and gained further notoriety with The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Help. Balancing her private and professional life, Howard went back and forth between Los Angeles and New York for several years with her family before settling her base in a stunning home in Los Angeles.

Along with her husband, actor Seth Gabel, Bryce Dallas Howard looked into every detail while creating her new home that was the perfect family home for the couple. The whimsical house has a glamorous backdrop incorporating their favorite elements and colors. Let’s take a look inside Bryce Dallas Howard’s beautiful LA home.

A Home Built From Inspiration


When Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel wanted to move back to Los Angeles with the family and decided to renovate their home, the couple found their inspiration in Mia Farrow. The veteran actress has a wondrous farmhouse in Connecticut with mementos and stories from her life in cinema, which inspired the couple to do the same. According to Yahoo News, Howard commissioned her family friend Claire Thomas to bring their vision to life. Thomas is an acclaimed interior designer, owner of Sweet Laurel Bakery, and a commercial director. The designer took the two-story, four-bedroom home under her wing for renovation.

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Bryce and Claire share a love for Hollywood and storytelling, which helped them envision a family’s cinema-inspired home. Howard and Gabel showcased their personalities throughout the home by adding bright colors, dramatic detailing, and adding their favorite bits of films around the residence. The main concept while changing the interior was adding a Californian lifestyle with a combination of Hollywood glamor and vintage artifacts. When deciding on the primary colors that would define the core of the place, there was no hesitancy when choosing the shades of pink and green, as noted by People.

A Pink And Green Paradise

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Steeped in the core shades, most of the rooms are dominated by various shades of the chosen colors. The living room has a bubblegum media center with a patterned rug and a dark rose sofa by Joybird. The kitchen displays a mint tone with its kitchen island and overhead lighting. Baby pink cabinets complement it. Depicting Hollywood in the dining room, Claire Thomas added mural-like wallpaper to the walls that showcased a starry woodland forest similar to the setting in the anime movie My Neighbor Totoro, a film loved by Howard and Gabel. The dining area also glows in golden light with the brass panels installed.

The primary bedroom has a retro-futuristic look from the 1980s with a muted palette of the dusty rose shade. The room has an upholstered headboard and round chaise, showcasing curving lines with the furniture. The ensuite bathroom has rosy Venetian flooring and an olive soaker tub. As mentioned by Architectural Digest, the guest bedroom is drenched in the shade of sage green with wooden detailing on the wall. At the same time, the powder room has a dinosaur-printed wallpaper in Fuchsia. Located on the ground floor, the home office has a sleek dark mahogany desk as its primary focus, while the room is splashed in blue-green shades.

A Culmination Of Organic Glamor


Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel incorporated many elements from those worlds as fans of the Star Trek and Star Wars series. As Howard has also directed a few episodes in the first season of The Mandalorian, they paid homage to Luke Skywalker for the facade. The home’s rear wall has a mural depicting Tatooine, the fictional planet of Skywalker, with two suns rising. Other additional elements of Star Wars include a Baby Yoda statue that reminds Howards of her days directing the show, as stated by E Online.

When curating objects for the home, there were many flea market pieces and paintings added to the interior, along with personal memorabilia. Various tulip motifs around the home, including wallpaper that reminds Howard and Gabel of the time they fell in love in Amsterdam during an acting workshop. There is also a small canvas that Gabel painted for Howard as a 40th birthday present which is embroidered with the initials and nicknames of their two children.

Working with designer Claire Thomas, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Seth Gabel curated and created a stunning interior for their Los Angeles home that is inspired by their profession yet carries personal elements. The house is not only inspired by Hollywood but also their love for California.

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