7 Best eyeshadows to add to your makeup bag in 2022

THEY say the eyes are the windows to your soul but sometimes we all need a little extra sparkle, so we've picked out the best eyeshadows you can buy right now.

Eyeshadow is often the enhancement we need to supercharge our makeup routine, with fresh colours and easy applications that are perfect for wearing out and about.

Eyeshadow isn’t a new invention and dates back to Ancient Egypt, 12,000 years ago. Originally invented for the use of adorning the eyes of royalty, they used a substance of kohl, made out of lead, copper, and ash.

Thankfully, we have far kinder ingredients these days and you don’t need to wear a royal robe to make your peepers pop.

With a variation of colours, styles and textures, we’ve reviewed the best eyeshadow options to spruce up your makeup collection.

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Nudes of New York Palette

  • Maybelline, £10.94 from Amazon – buy here

It would be nude not to! With names like ‘fiery nude', 'toasted nude' and 'golden nude,’ it’s fair to say this palette is neutral heaven. Designed for a wide-range of skin tones it combines classic nudes with gentle browns and comes with a selection of shimmering copper and glitter tones too.

We love that the palette comes in a robust makeup box, which is particularly useful if you like to travel around with your makeup. Although no brushes are provided, we found it easy to blend by brush or hand.

We also love that it does what it says on the tin with complimenting nude colours only, which you can leave au natural, or layer up for full glamour. Now we just have to find somewhere to wear it to!

Deck of Scarlet Metal Leaf Shadow Pots

  • Deck of Scarlet Metal Leaf Shadow Pots, £22 each from Deck of Scarlet – buy here

These cute pots not only come in luxurious packaging, they also pack a punch.

The formula is a hybrid cream-putty that can easily be layered over other colours or used on its own.

There's a range of shades to choose from, all providing a vivid metallic, foiled leaf effect that doesn't fade or flake and gives a super-glam effect, perfect for night'so out.

Definitely worth keeping in your bag to take any daytime looks up a notch in a jiffy, after work. We approve.

Edge of Reality Palette

  • KVD Beauty, £38 at Boots – buy here

Lets just talk about the presentation of this eyeshadow palette!

Fully recyclable, vegan, with no mirrors or hinges, it hits the glamour stakes high with a gold and crème Art Deco style box, which you’ll instantly want to show off!

Inside the box there are 14 different colours, from minimalist neutrals to jeweled special effects, and the textures come in a variety of matte and ‘wet’ shimmers. To achieve the latter, you simply add water to the brush then dip in the shadow to create a glitter effect.

We found when applying it is best to layer slowly, rather than caking on, particularly as the shimmers are high-performance and a little goes a long way. For those who want glamour without too much colour there are also a selection of light pinks and browns which we think works well to create a subtle day look.

If you want to stop traffic, then we highly suggest opting for the more dramatic shimmers which come in bright pops of gold, pink, purple and more.

KVD is known for its pro-level status of makeup, and have been pioneers in the vegan makeup movement since 2008. Cruelty-free and fabulous!

Easy Smokin' Eyes Palette

  • Benefit, £20.50 at Benefit – buy here

Want to make an entrance? Well, look no further than Benefit's newly released Easy Smoking Eyes Palette. Make your eyes do ALL the talking with soft matte and shimmer shades combining 3 looks in 1.

But what is the key to a smokey eye? We soon realized the trick is to blend, blend, blend!

Unlike other eyeshadows that you can simply dab on, with smokey eyes this can make you look like you have a dash of panda eyes, which was not the desired look we were going for!

The palette comes with four different style brushes as well as an Easy Smokin’ Eyes tutorial booklet to show how to create different styles and effects.

Whether you keep it soft and diffused with pale pinks, or layer it up in copper shimmers, this palette will stop the traffic and gives the ultimate look of mysterious glamour.

Magnif’eyes Contour Palette

  • Rimmel, £9.99 at Rimmell – buy here

As far as budget-friendly makeup palettes go, Magnif'Eyes Eye Contouring Palette is your new best friend.

Available in five colourways, it makes a variety of looks possible with rich, velvety shades that are super-dimensional.

Coming in at a bargainous £9.99, we think this palette is perfect if you want pretty colours without the price tag, while the product itself comes in a sturdy box.

Rimmel are known for their fail-safe classic makeup and originally started as a perfumery in 1834 before becoming the makeup giant that we all know and love today. Because of this, the brand is often referred to as the company that symbolises “Cool Britannia.”

We loved that this palette reflects that, with cool shimmers of silver and gold that can turn the look from au natural to pure vamp in seconds!

Blooming Edition Spring Garden Palette

  • Dear Dahlia, £51 at Lookfantastic – buy here

Just the name Dear Dahlia conjures up images of Pimms in the summer and garden parties galore.

We tried the aptly named Blooming Edition Spring Garden Palette, which is inspired by the soft, romantic hues of springtime.

This pastel palette is simply gorgeous, presented in a vintage style vanity box complete with magnetic clasp and mirror. It is small enough to go in a pocket and the best part? The eyeshadows also double up as blush!

If you're looking for a palette to wear everyday, then this is the one for you. We found every single colour is really wearable with mattes that are buttery, and shimmers gentle enough for a fresh daytime face. It makes the perfect gift… to yourself.

Ultimate Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals

  • NYX, £16 at Superdrug – buy here

They say all good things come in small packages and this palette is no exception. If you want a sharp cut crease or a gorgeous cat eye, then NYX have nailed it.

With 16 neutrals that range from a pale glow to flattering fires, the shadows also double up as liners for a minimalistic style.

We primed the eyelids with concealer first then used a "patting" motion to keep it on the lids. This is particularly useful if you want the eyeshadow to stay all day to night. The palette is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, so that you can update your look wherever you are. Flawless!

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