43 Car Pileup Due To Heavy Fog Engulfs Highway in Flames

A 34-ton tanker carrying highly flammable methanol was involved in the crash.

At least three people have died in a massive pileup on a Chinese highway on Tuesday.

In the province of Shaanxi, 43 vehicles crashed into each other due to heavy fog on the Baotou–Maoming Expressway early in the morning, according to Frontline.

Multiple videos captured by motorists showed the horrifying wreckage, as fire and smoke engulfed the highway.

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Over ten cars caught fire, trapping the occupants inside. Emergency efforts, including 16 fire engines and more than 100 firefighters, continued after the blaze was “brought under control” almost two hours after it ignited, per CCTV.

While a tanker carrying 34 tons of highly flammable methanol was involved, authorities say it did not catch fire.

A witness noted the weather conditions.

“There was ice on the road surface, and a car at the front probably didn’t brake in time and rear-ended another car,” the motorist said, according to South China Morning Post. “The fire was quite big, but it’s been put out.”

An investigation is underway.

Watch videos of the aftermath, below.

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