$312 for water? High rollers slammed for posting exorbitant Vegas receipts online

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If only their brains were as big as their wallets!

Self-indulgent high rollers are advertising their sky-high bar and restaurant receipts from Las Vegas on social media — but the flush fools are dropping hundreds of dollars on water and mid-shelf liquor, prompting critics to roll their eyes and proclaim, “Eat the rich!”

“My buddies [sic]  tab after a day party at Encore Beach Club,” one user, who goes by the handle @Investor_NICK_ , posted along with a receipt for $8,612.

The tab included $312 for water, $75 for chicken fingers and a $825 bottle of Tito’s vodka, which has a retail value of about $30.

Responding to the social media brag, another Sin City showoff posted a $189,375 receipt from the Tryst nightclub at the Wynn Hotel — mocking the initial poster as a “rookie” in an apparent effort to one-up him.

The exorbitant bill included four bottles of Veuve Clicquot Yellow for $100,000 — which have a retail value of about $50 each  — along with $770 for a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

Other eye-popping price tags included $25,000 for a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne and $156 for 13 Red Bulls.

But observers ultimately got the last laugh — and were quick to call out the big spenders as brainless.

“How many damn chicken fingers are on that platter?” one critic asked, to which another user quipped, “They’re covered in gold.”

Others called the receipts tacky and wildly wasteful.

“I guarantee you there is not a single poor person in the world who has made a purchase nearly as stupid or frivolous as this — and yet the rich have convinced us it’s *the poor* who are “bad with money,” a user added.

“They paid $312 for this,” another critic posted alongside a 24-pack of Fiji water that costs $27.99.

“It’s a picture of a receipt made by people who think they know what wealth is,” another user added.

Another quipped, “Is it time to eat the rich?”

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