3 Luxury Homes Of Howard Stern, Inside The Extravagance

Popular radio personality Howard Stern has been known to have quite a few significant achievements. His luxury homes are one of the main highlights of his great wealth.

New York-based celebrity Howard Stern is known to own many luxury penthouses and mansions. Given that his estimated income is a splendid 120 million dollars per year, he chooses to spend it on lavish properties. Reports have indicated that his net worth might be up to 650 million dollars, out of which he owns about 186 million dollars worth of the real estate.

Considering his great possessions, Stern indeed has the liberty of taking a vacation in his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. Likewise, he can travel to Long Island to spend time in his elegant Hamptons mansion.

3 Penthouse in New York

Stern’s gigantic penthouse in New York City is considered to be his primary residence and has lived there since 1998. In the beginning, he bought three units of the West End apartment complex for a whopping 6 million dollars. In 2008 he decided to expand his property ownership and bought two additional units for 15 million dollars.

The current value of this five-unit property is 21 million dollars. Howard Stern lives here quite lavishly with his wife, Beth Ostrovsky, and their cat, Mushu Peaches. The two-level penthouse occupies a vast area of 8,000 square feet and offers a scenic view of Central Park that New Yorkers pine for. Plus, it also provides a stunning view of the Hudson River.

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To avail a luxurious accommodation in the same building as the Stern, one has to pay a minimum rent of 13,750 dollars per month. The outstanding amenities found in this penthouse justify the high cost of living here. There are beautiful rooftops with amazing views to spend quality time.

All kinds of amusement options have been made available at Stern’s penthouse in New York. The residence boasts an Imax movie theatre with all its expected comfort and a swimming pool of about 23 meters long. The inhabitants can enjoy the privilege of a membership to a fully equipped gym that includes cardio equipment and spaces for other sports activities like a basketball court and a boxing ring.

Though that is not all, there is also a soccer pitch, a volleyball court, a running track, and a rock-climbing space in the amenities list. The kitchens and bathrooms are exquisitely designed and use elegant marbled structures in its construction. Since Stern owns a large area of the apartment complex, he also has underground private parking. A cherry on top is his personal studio space in the penthouse he refers to as ‘the dungeon.’

2 The Hampton Mansion, Long Island

The Hampton mansion in Long Island is another classy property that Howard Stern owns. It is a custom-built structure that spreads over a 16000 square feet area. It is said that Stern purchased this mansion in 2005 for 20 million dollars.

After buying it, he decided to renovate the entire property. The current valuation of the property is said to stand roughly at around 100 million dollars. The mansion possesses a cellar in the basement and a separate room for wine tasting. The whole place has several stone fireplaces, old chandeliers, even in the library. These aristocratic decors create a timeless ambiance around the area.

The mansion has three levels, and the master bedroom occupies about 1500 square feet. The balcony offers gorgeous views of the ocean. The bathrooms are spawned over a large area with several giant sinks. Stern’s office space is equally well built with a beautiful and spacious balcony.

Stern also has a special corner called the ‘man cave’ for his celebrity friends to come over and have a gala time. This space has a pool table, an entirely copper-plated bar, and a bowling alley. The backyard has a pool and a spa.

1 Palm Beach Mansion in Florida

Last but not least is Stern’s Palm Beach mansion in Manhattan, Florida. However, most wealthy folks of Manhattan properties in Palm Beach, however, Stern’s estate is one of a kind. The sea-facing mansion spreads over an area of 1000 square feet and costs about 53 million dollars. It has five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, which spread over 3.25 acres of land.

One of the principal attractions of this mansion is large closets. Stern’s wife, Beth, has a giant closet of 1000 square feet. The mansion offers additional privacy because palm trees and hedges shield it. Plus, there is a swimming pool in the backyard, which is not as massive as in his other mansion, but he owns a private beach to make up for it.

Among his affluent retreats, Stern’s Florida mansion is the most expensive one. Speculations indicate that Sterne might be going on an extended vacation in this estate after he retires. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend a classy and peaceful life in their later years?

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