Zendaya has issued an important reminder ahead of Euphoria’s highly anticipated second season

Written by Morgan Cormack

Ahead of the highly anticipated second season of Euphoria, Zendaya has issued a warning on her social media accounts to fans of the show.

Having premiered back in 2019, popular HBO series Euphoria is finally back on our screens and we couldn’t be more excited.

The drama – which deals with everything from heavy drug usage to trauma – follows a group of high school students as they navigate friendships, love and social media, among a host of other thought-provoking issues. Euphoria has consistently garnered a lot of praise for its explorations on some of its hard-hitting themes and the series one premiere was watched by more than 5.5 million viewers across HBO’s platforms.

Now, after a Covid-induced hiatus, Zendaya – who stars as Rue, the show’s main protagonist – has a message for fans of the show.

Ahead of the new season’s premiere on 10 January (well, at 2am UK time), the Emmy award-winning actor took to Instagram and Twitter to share an important reminder.  

In the post, which she captioned with “A reminder before tonight…”, the actor shared a blurred image of herself alongside a text post.

It reads: “I know I’ve said this before, but I do want to reiterate to everyone that Euphoria is for mature audiences. This season, maybe even more so than the last, is deeply emotional and deals with subject matter that can be triggering and difficult to watch.

“Please only watch it if you feel comfortable. Take care of yourself and know that either way you are still loved and I can still feel your support. All my love, Daya.”

While trailers and sneak peek clips reveal that this series is set to be a gritty one, talking to Radio Times, Zendaya also revealed that Rue’s “rock bottom” is still yet to come. Season one was a rollercoaster of emotions for drug addict Rue but Zendaya has stated that this was not her character’s lowest point.

“This season, more specifically, she goes to the rock bottom,” she explained. “When we get midway through, that’s when the rock bottom hits, and that’s where it became extremely painful for all of us to watch. And to portray her going through it hurt me.”

Although it seems as though many of us may have to get our tissues at the ready, Zendaya has promised that there will be better days ahead for Rue.

She added: “I remember having a conversation midway through [season two] like, [Rue] can’t stay here.

“We can’t leave her [in this dark place]. And I always felt that Rue would be okay because Rue is a version of Sam [Levinson] and Sam is who he is, and was able to take all that pain [in his own life from when he was a drug addict] and turn it into this beautiful television show many years later.

“I wanted to see that and I think we all wanted to see that, a sense of hope, because it goes to such an extreme low for her. It’s a long journey, but we get there. I promise. Just keep loving her and keep supporting her.”

The first episode of Euphoria season 2 is now available to watch and will also air weekly from 10 January on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW.Stream Euphoria with a NOW Entertainment Membership. 

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