Your Eyes Aren't Playing Tricks — This Artist's WandaVision Art Flickers Through the Decades

WandaVision Decades Video

We interrupt your regularly scheduled scrolling with this artist’s incredible renditions of Wanda and Vision in honor of the season finale of Disney+’s WandaVision, which aired on March 5. Artist Thaís Torrents, aka @tati_sketch on Instagram, created a video of the superhero couple posing in decade-specific outfits from the ’50, ’60, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. Just like Wanda’s wavering grip on her self-made reality in Westview, the video flickers through each drawing like a TV screen with bad reception, making every piece of art more mesmerizing than the last.

“Please stand by . . .” Torrents captioned the post. Notable outfits include Wanda and Vision’s I Love Lucy-inspired ensembles, their sitcom-inspired ’90s Halloween costumes, and more. As the decade drawings move forward, Wanda and Vision stay perfectly still, but their hair and outfits change to match her shifting perceptions of reality, serving as a beautiful reminder of Wanda and Vision’s journey in Westview. Take a closer look at the couple’s gorgeous portraits ahead.

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