You'll Never Guess Which Royal Gwyneth Paltrow Is Close Friends With

Talk about a small world when Hollywood royalty and real royalty collide. Gwyneth Paltrow has become friends with Princess Martha Louise of Norway, and the story behind the unlikely pair’s friendship is just as crazy as the friendship itself.

While we’re a little disappointed the royal in question isn’t Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton, the Oscar-winning actress and the Princess of Norway actually have so much in common. Not to mention, the way the two met totally makes sense. According to Town & Country, the duo first became acquainted with one another through Princess Martha Louise’s boyfriend, Shaman Durek. Durek, a spiritual guide and healer, has worked with the Shakespeare In Love actress concerning spiritual matters in the past. Paltrow and the Princess became fast friends and have recently hung out in the Hamptons, as evidenced by Princess Martha Louise’s sweet Instagram.

“Meeting @gwynethpaltrow was such a gift. Your wisdom, strength, your clear vision and soft personality with a great sense of humor is so inspiring,” she wrote. “Thank you for being who you are and for receiving us all with open arms. So looking forward to our next encounter.”

Paltrow likely isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity Princess Martha Louise has met through her partner. Durek has also received endorsements from tech investor Dave Asprey and actress Nina Dobrev, among others, according to Town & Country. Per the magazine, Durek also refers to himself as a “spirit hacker” blending elements of the shamanic approach with a Silicon Valley ethos.

Princess Martha Louise went public with her relationship in past May. In the Instagram post announcing their relationship, the Princess referred to Durek as her “twin flame.” “He makes me laugh more than anyone, has the most profound wisdom to share and all the bits in between from the diversity of his being,” she wrote in the caption.. Hopefully fans will get to see more sneak peeks of the Paltrow and the Princess on their spiritual excursions.

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