Yayoi Kusama Enchants The Eyes In "I Want Your Tears To Flow"

As galleries open back up, Londoners can rejoice to see the latest show by famed writer and artist, Yayoi Kusama.

“I Want Your Tears To Flow” is the 13th solo show between the Japanese artist and the Victoria Miro gallery and features an array of old and new work that will surely enchant the eye. As is characteristic with much of Kusama’s oeuvre — humor, infinity and themes of obsession are surreally imbued across each painting, softly painted sculpture and pumpkin object.

Speaking on the latter, “Pumpkins have been a great comfort to me since my childhood. They speak to me of the joy of living. They are humble and amusing at the same time, and I have and always will celebrate them in my art,” said Kusama in a statement.

This latest show is part of the ongoing “My Eternal Soul” series. One that the Japanese poet, critic and curator notes in an accompanying publication, has been tirelessly worked on “without break since 2009. I feel it should no longer be regarded as a ‘series,’ but rather as an abundant world of paintings, one whose creation will continue without end…’

“I Want Your Tears To Flow” is available to view by free timed ticket until July 31. If you’re also in the London area, be sure to check Kusama’s Infinity Mirror Rooms at the Tate Modern.

Victoria Miro
16 Wharf Road,
London, N1 7RW
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