Where to buy a last-minute Halloween costume in Denver: The Wizard’s Chest

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It’s the same scenario every year: a last-minute costume party invite, followed by the most depressing closet raid.

Some people’s wardrobes are filled with costume-worthy pieces — I’m looking at you, renaissance fest types — but my closet of basics just doesn’t cut it, and I usually find myself throwing together something deeply lame at the last possible minute.

Not this year. This year, I went to The Wizard’s Chest.

From the moment you step inside this 16,000-square-foot magic castle at 451 Broadway, it’s hard not to feel the Halloween spirit.

Giant dragons and wizards loom over the entrance, which opens up into a wonderland filled with treasure chests and witches’ cauldrons, fairy wings and wigs in every color imaginable. Originally opened in 1983, the family-owned store has nearly 40 years of magic under its belt. The interior design — filled with murals and ornate castle-like details — is modeled after “the fantastic world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth,” according to The Wizard’s Chest’s website.

Everywhere you turn, there’s a touch of whimsy. Wanna go as Harry Potter this year? They have everything you need. Thinking of going as a plain ketchup bottle, or maybe just a bizarre fried egg? They’ve got that, too, along with a huge staff of uber-helpful employees.

After you’ve found the perfect costume for this year’s festivities, hit the basement to explore Wizard’s Chest’s incredible selection of games. You may have come here for a costume, but don’t be surprised if you also leave with a collector’s edition of your favorite tabletop game.

This year, skip the last-minute Amazon purchase and spend an afternoon drawing inspiration from one of Denver’s favorite purveyors of whimsy.

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