What's Your Favorite Ariana Grande Deep Track?

  1. Which is your favorite Yours Truly deep track?

    “Honeymoon Avenue”“Tattooed Heart”“Lovin’ It”“Piano”“Daydreamin'”

  1.  votevotes“Honeymoon Avenue”
  2.  votevotes“Tattooed Heart”
  3.  votevotes“Lovin’ It”
  4.  votevotes“Piano”
  5.  votevotes“Daydreamin'”
  1. Which is your favorite My Everything deep track?

    “Intro”“Why Try”“Be My Baby”“Break Your Heart Right Back”“Just A Little Bit of Your Heart”“Hands on Me”“My Everything”“Only 1”“You Don’t Know Me”“Cadillac Song”

  1.  votevotes“Intro”
  2.  votevotes“Why Try”
  3.  votevotes“Be My Baby”
  4.  votevotes“Break Your Heart Right Back”
  5.  votevotes“Just A Little Bit of Your Heart”
  6.  votevotes“Hands on Me”
  7.  votevotes“My Everything”
  8.  votevotes“Only 1”
  9.  votevotes“You Don’t Know Me”
  10.  votevotes“Cadillac Song”
  1. Which is your favorite Dangerous Woman deep track?

    “Moonlight”“Be Alright”“Greedy”“Leave Me Lonely”“Bad Decisions”“Thinking Bout You”“Sometimes”“I Don’t Care”“Bad Decisions”“Touch It”“Knew Better/Forever Boy”

  1.  votevotes“Moonlight”
  2.  votevotes“Be Alright”
  3.  votevotes“Greedy”
  4.  votevotes“Leave Me Lonely”
  5.  votevotes“Bad Decisions”
  6.  votevotes“Thinking Bout You”
  7.  votevotes“Sometimes”
  8.  votevotes“I Don’t Care”
  9.  votevotes“Bad Decisions”
  10.  votevotes“Touch It”
  11.  votevotes“Knew Better/Forever Boy”
  1. Which is your favorite Sweetener deep track?

    “raindrops (an angel cried)”“blazed” (feat. Pharrell Williams)R.E.M“sweetener”“successful”“everytime”“borderline” (feat. Missy Elliott)“better off”“goodnight n go”“pete davidson”

  1.  votevotes“raindrops (an angel cried)”
  2.  votevotes“blazed” (feat. Pharrell Williams)
  3.  votevotesR.E.M
  4.  votevotes“sweetener”
  5.  votevotes“successful”
  6.  votevotes“everytime”
  7.  votevotes“borderline” (feat. Missy Elliott)
  8.  votevotes“better off”
  9.  votevotes“goodnight n go”
  10.  votevotes“pete davidson”
  1. Which is your favorite thank u, next deep track?”

    “needy”“NASA”“bloodline”“fake smile”“bad idea”“make up”“ghostin”“in my head”

  1.  votevotes“needy”
  2.  votevotes“NASA”
  3.  votevotes“bloodline”
  4.  votevotes“fake smile”
  5.  votevotes“bad idea”
  6.  votevotes“make up”
  7.  votevotes“ghostin”
  8.  votevotes“in my head”

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