Vincent Leroy Distorts the Icelandic Landscape in 'Anamorphosis'

Vincent Leroy is a French artist well-known for his kinetic sculptures that reawaken the senses to the surrounding environment. In a breathtaking new design proposal, the Paris-based artist has unveiled an ethereal new installation titled Anamorphosis on the vast Sólheimasandur beaches on the South Coast of Iceland.

Three large polymirror monoliths blend into the picturesque environment — both reflecting and transforming it. As referenced in the title, the sculptures produce an inverted anamorphosis effect by endlessly expanding the natural world in a hypnotic display that continues to explore Leroy’s dialogue between art and nature.

Although in the research phase, Anamorphosis joins a long list of otherwordly projects that Leroy has created around the world, such as Lenscape in Fjallsárlón, Iceland and a pixelated sun in China.

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