United Nude's "Lo-Res" Car Sells for $111,111 USD

Big A Trailer has just sold United Nude‘s “Lo-Res” concept car for a surprising price of $111,111 USD.

Sold with proceeds going towards the maintenance of the Petersen Museum and Energy Independence Now, the “Lo-Res” car from the footwear brand has gained a lot of attention throughout the years — winning a Wallpaper Magazine Design Award, a spot at Petersen Automotive Museum’s Disruptors exhibition, and has even appeared in Rich the Kid and Kendrick Lamar’s “New Freezer” music video.

United Nude mentions that the car was inspired by the Lamborghini Countach, but it is also reminiscent of Tesla’s Cybertruck with its angular lines. The car is accessible via a full clamshell top which opens via remote control. For those curious as to how the “Lo-Res” drives, a video of Doug DeMuro test driving the concept can be found below. It should also be noted that the car is not street legal.

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