Tom Cruise Reportedly Made Over $100 Million USD for 'Top Gun: Maverick'

In a recent report from Variety, the salaries of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have been revealed. Most recently, Paramount’s, Top Gun: Maverick flew as high as $1.2 billion USD at the box office, which has left room for speculation as to how much Tom Cruise‘s salary could be for the film.

According to additional sources, Cruise’s estimated salary from the Top Gun: Maverick is expected to net over $100 million USD from his combined ticket sales, salary and his eventual cut of the income that comes from home entertainment rentals and streaming. Variety obtained a quote from a studio exec who said, “I would never bet against Tom Cruise. Most actors aren’t worth what you pay them, but Cruise and maybe Dwayne Johnson justify their salaries.” Mainly focusing on theatrical releases, this film maintained its rollout plan and did not hit streamers immediately, perhaps proving that there is still interest in large theatrical releases.

Other streaming projects like Apple‘s Killers of the Flower Moon is slated to pay Leonardo DiCaprio $35 million USD and Brad Pitt $30 million USD for his Forumla One drama. Netflix is also set to pay Chris Hemsworth $20 million for Extraction 2. Often, stars have negotiated their conracts to reap further rewards in other ways. For example, Jason Momoa had the option of appearing in a sequle to Aquaman but after the first film made over $1 billion USD, he was able to renegotiate and double his salary. The same held for Joaquin Phoenix for Joker. In 2019, he earned $4.5 million USD, but after landing an Oscar, he is slated to get the studio to pay up $20 million USD to reprise his role. While all of these salaries have crossed into the eight-figure mark, it appears that Tom Cruise comes out on top with his whopping $100 million USD.

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