This Photo Might Prove Mark Consuelos’s Sons Are His Doppelgängers

While seeing double usually warrants a trip to the optometrist, you’re about to see triple — and no medical appointments are necessary. Why? Kelly Ripa posted a photo of Mark Consuelos with look-alike sons, Michael and Joaquin, and it’s clear the Consuelos genes run strong in this tight-knit family. Sure, the resemblance has always been somewhat evident. But Ripa’s latest post has fans in awe of the boys’ striking likeness to their father.

What’s more, the photo wasn’t even a super-current snapshot of the trio. “FBF 2018 One year ago on #summersolstice #greece,” Ripa captioned the photo of Mark with Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16. So, it stands to reason that the young men look even more like their dashing dad these days (a recent New York City outing of the three certainly caught fans’ attention). Still, it doesn’t detract from the fact that Ripa’s throwback vacation photo of her favorite guys might be the most jaw-dropping example of just how much Michael and Joaquin are a chip off the old block.

Just ask the family’s many fans. “They all have the same smile,” wrote one. “You all look like brothers!” another gushed. And one summed up what we’re all thinking: “Crazy good genes!”

Of course, one member of the Ripa-Consuelos fam is noticeably absent in this vacation snapshot: Ripa and Mark’s daughter, Lola Consuelos. And, let it be said, her brothers may look just like Mark, but this recent high school grad is a perfect mix of her famous mom and dad. While she wasn’t in the throwback pic, Lola often makes her way into stories told by Ripa on Live With Kelly and Ryan. One of the most hilarious examples? In early June, the talk show host revealed that Lola walked in on her parents having sex — on the teen’s 18th birthday, no less!

“She knocked on our bedroom door,” Mark admitted of the incident during a guest appearance on the show, giving a knowing look to the audience. But before Ripa or Mark could respond, Lola opened the door and, well, got an eyeful. “I just wanted to say, I was not in the mood. There was a house full of people,” Ripa remarked, prompting her husband to joke, “I could tell you were going through the motions!”

The best part, without a doubt, was Lola’s response. As explained by Ripa, the teen melodramatically lamented, “Thanks for ruining my birthday. And thanks for ruining my life. I used to see in color, and now everything is gray!” For good measure, Lola also called her amorous parents “disgusting” and informed them that they need to “chill.”

Hilarious, right? Just another day in the life of the Ripa, Mark and their little doppelgängers.

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