This Model Revealed She Ghosted Leonardo DiCaprio When She Was Only 19 & We Love Her Reason Why

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At this point, we all know Leonardo DiCaprio’s type: models half his age. Sure, he’s bent the rule a bit over the past year, but he’s quite consistent with dating women on the younger side. It seems that even though he’s been made fun of countless times for this, he still gets every girl he tries to date — except for this one.

A model by the name of Steph Claire Smith recently revealed that when she was 19, the Titanic star asked for her number and to take her out. And here’s the kicker: she ghosted him — but it may not be for the reason you think.

On her podcast KICPOD, she revealed last week that back in 2013, when she was out at a club on vacation, DiCaprio was reportedly interested. “This person that was with him weaved themselves through the crowd and was like, ‘Do you want to meet Leo?’” She said, “Abso-f***ing-lutely I do!”

She continued, “So we went over, he did the whole French double kiss on the cheek. [He asked] ‘How long are you in town?’ and we had that kind of chatter for honestly like 60 seconds and then he was like, ‘Can I grab your number, I would love to take you out for dinner to some of the nicest restaurants around here.’”

The model tried to say she didn’t have a working phone right now, but one of her tipsy friends spilled the beans that they did. Fast forward to later that night, he messages her, and she ghosted him. Why, you may ask? Well, Smith was just starting her relationship with her now-husband and love of her life Josh Miller, and she “didn’t want to do anything to f**k it up.”

Honestly, that’s so dang sweet, and we love that Smith and Miller are happily married nearly a decade later!

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