There's A Music Festival Disaster In Belgium And People Are Calling It Fyre Fest 2.0

There’s something fishy going down in Belgium.

A music festival called VestiVille was supposed to be held in Lommel, Belgium from June 28th–June 30th. Huge artists like Cardi B, Future, and A$AP Rocky were listed on the bill.

But according to Twitter, people arrived at the festival today only to realize that it was cancelled…

And there was allegedly no food or water sold at the campsite.

According to the festival’s Twitter and Facebook page, the mayor of Lommel decided they couldn’t start the festival because they weren’t able to guarantee the safety of A$AP Rocky or the public.

A$AP Rocky released a statement on Twitter about it too.

The festival organizers insisted that best efforts were taken to help manage the safety of concertgoers.

But from the looks of the videos taken inside of the festival, it wasn’t going too smoothly.

According to VestiVille’s Twitter, they’re reaching out to their partners to talk about refunds.

And honestly I hope it works out for the poor souls who made the trek over there.

Some people on Twitter couldn’t help but point out the similarities between VestiVille and Fyre Festival, the failed luxury music festival that was held in the Bahamas in 2017. One detail that stood out was Ja Rule’s presence in the lineup — AKA the rapper and co-organizer of Fyre Fest.

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