The Return of the Cannes Film Festival

Remember going to the movies? Here’s what it was like inside the world’s most glamorous celebration of cinema.

Hosted by Dodai Stewart

With Kyle Buchanan

Produced by Elyssa Dudley and Tracy Mumford

Edited by Theo Balcomb

Engineered by Elisheba Ittoop

For two weeks in the south of France, you can enter the high holy temple of cinema: the Cannes Film Festival. This is the place where red carpet moments are made, where tuxedos are mandatory and where the audience will stand and clap for a full nine minutes. The celluloid soiree returned this July after last year’s cancellation because of the pandemic.

The Projectionist’s Kyle Buchanan brought his bow tie and his face mask to experience the glitz, the glamour and, of course, the films. He shares his highlights from this year’s lineup with our colleague Dodai Stewart.

(If you’re wondering what it’s like to watch a 57-year-old actress play a fictional 5-year-old incarnation of Celine Dion, listen now.)

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