The Pit LA Presents 'Light Up the Sky'

Glendale is definitely not the first area you think of for art in Los Angeles, but The Pit has quietly been changing that over the past eight years. Most recently, the gallery played host to Devin Troy Strother’s latest solo exhibition Durag Activities and has followed up with an exciting group exhibition dubbed Light Up the Sky.

Comprised of paintings and sculptures, the show brings back the subversive work of Strother, alongside a cast of talent that includes Dan Anderson, Derek Aylward, Anastasia Bay, Chase Biado, Joel Gaitan, Molly Greene, Raven Halfmoon, Kelly Lynn Jones, Emma Kohlmann, Craig Kucia, Sophie Larrimore, Jiha Moon, Ryan Schneider, Leena Similu and Maryam Yousif⁠.

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From totemic sculptures to paintings flirting with abstraction — there seems to be a sense of mythology and transcendance that floats from piece-to-piece. Emma Kohlmann, who recently concluded a solo show at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, presents two vibrant compositions that feel both primal and contemporary. Similarly, Gaitan sculpted a series of objects that combines modern motifs with an aesthetic feel from an ancient civilization.

Light Up the Sky opened earlier this month and will be on view at The Pit’s Glendale location until August 13.

The Pit Los Angeles
918 Ruberta Avenue
Glendale, CA. 91201
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