The Definitive Ranking of All Disney's Live-Action Remakes

The Definitive Ranking of All Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

From Mulan to The Little Mermaid, the Disney live-action remake trend is stronger than ever. Now, with Disney+ on the rise, the media giant will have even more opportunities to flex its technical prowess. The family-friendly brand is stronger than ever, no doubt, and you can always expect to watch at least a visually dazzling film with a decent cast. Still, in the age of content overload, do these movies justify their existence? Unlike its consistently solid Pixar movies, Disney’s live-action remakes of classic beloved films are kind of a mixed bag. The films range from critical darlings such as 2016’s The Jungle Book to panned flops such as 1996’s 101 Dalmatians with Glenn Close. Not all Disney remakes are made equally — here’s a ranking of all of them (thus far), positioned from just OK to timeless classics!

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