Tell Us Your Favorite Clothing Brands By POC Designers

Even though the fashion industry is still predominately white, Black designers and brands are slowly gaining momentum in the space and getting proper recognition for their craft. And it’s ABOUT TIME.

Maybe you love Romeo Hunte’s modern take on outerwear and how he effortlessly blends workwear and streetwear together.

Or perhaps you love Fenoel’s eccentric colors and bright patterns, which not only giving off luxury feels but also resort vibes.

Or maybe it’s Hanifa, whose classy and sassy Ava pant sends chills down your spine.

We want to know some of your favorite Black-owned fashion brands and designers who are doing the damn thing. Share the brand name and why you love them in the DropBox below — oh, and if you have photos of you wearing something from their collection, send those as well! You may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.

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