Teenage Engineering's Computer-1 Is a Playful Mini-ITX Computer Case

Continuing to expand into other tech gadgets, Swedish consumer electronics company Teenage Engineering has now crafted its very first computer case.

Having been in development since 2014, the new computer-1 takes on Teenage Engineering’s signature design aesthetic to offer a simple yet playful take on the mini-ITX form factor. The case’s powder-coated aluminum panels are clad entirely in orange with minimalistic joints, curves, and bends all complementing its sleek exterior. Just like the company’s other products, the computer-1 comes flat-packed and ready for you to assemble yourself, which will include actually bending some of the components as well. Dimension-wise, the mini-ITX case stands roughly 12 inches tall and a little over 6 inches wide, giving you ample room for anything you’ll need to build that compact PC. There are also fan outlets on both the rear and one of its sides to keep your rig cool, and they’re finished in black for a nice dash of contrast too.

For those interested, the computer-1 mini-ITX case is now available over on Teenage Engineering’s website for $195 USD.

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