Talk show host praises young singer for protecting her from aggressive fan who rushed the stage, more news

Safety sisters

Forget trained security, Drew Barrymore has 23-year-old singer and actress Reneé Rapp to thank after she expertly protected the star from an aggressive fan on Aug. 21. The two were onstage at New York City’s 92nd Street Y, where Drew was interviewing Reneé about her new album when a man interrupted the program by yelling Drew’s name from the audience. Video of the incident shared on social media shows Drew looking a bit rattled before politely responding, “Oh my god, yes? Hi.” But her politeness soon turned to seeming confusion and concern as the man rushed toward the stage, yelling that he’s “Chad Michael Busto,” and telling Drew, “You know who I am, I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York.” Security guards moved in just as the man got to the stage, where they blocked him — but Reneé wasn’t having any of it. The singer jumped to her feet, put one arm around Drew’s waist and positioned herself between Drew and the man — who was still trying to talk to the daytime host — then escorted Drew offstage. The man was apparently removed before Drew and Reneé walked back out to continue their onstage chat.

“Well, I have a new definition of your sexiness,” Drew gushed to Reneé. “It’s that level of protectiveness! That went full ‘Bodyguard.’ You are my Kevin Costner!” Social media users sharing the video online have since dubbed the man Drew’s “stalker,” though it’s unclear if he was arrested or simply tossed out of the theater.

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Britney cameo?

After Madonna’s recent health scare and news of Britney Spears’ split from husband Sam Asghari, Madge reportedly wants Brit to join her onstage during her upcoming Celebration tour. Sources tell Page Six Madonna sees a possible Britney cameo at one of her five Los Angeles shows in March 2024 as a nice way to mark the 20th anniversary of the pair’s 2003 collab, “Me Against the Music.” “Madonna originally wanted Britney to join her on tour this year. Everything was pushed back because of her illness, but she still wants Britney to join her at the Kia Forum,” claimed the Page Six source. The insider noted that “some of the dance routines have been toned down for [Madonna] so that it’s not so strenuous” after she spent time in the hospital earlier this summer. “She will still be putting on a great show, but her team’s main concern is ensuring that she’s healthy and can get through the tour from start to finish,” said the source. Britney, 41, last performed with Madonna, 65, in 2008. The pair teamed up more recently for a jokey cover of “Vogue” at Britney’s and Sam’s wedding.

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Over it

Despite playing a reporter who’s deeply affected by cancel culture on “The Morning Show,” Jennifer Aniston can’t quite wrap her brain around the phenomenon. “[I’m] so over cancel culture,” says the actress and producer, 54, in a new interview with WSJ Magazine. “I probably just got canceled by saying that. I just don’t understand what it means … Is there no redemption? I don’t know. I don’t put everybody in the Harvey Weinstein basket,” she explains, referencing the notorious movie producer’s sexual assaults charges. Jennifer goes on to recall her own interactions with Harvey, who’s now behind bars. “I remember actually, he came to visit me on a movie to pitch me a movie. And I do remember consciously having a person stay in my trailer.” (Harvey reportedly told WSJ Jennifer “never had any uncomfortable instances with me.”)

The former “Friends” star also opens up about her love life in the interview, telling the outlet how her parents’ unhappy marriage and eventual divorce when she was young still affects her. “My parents, watching my family’s relationship, didn’t make me kind of go, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to do that,'” she says, explaining that “it was almost easier to be solo” because she had no “real training in that give-and-take” that’s necessary for a marriage to succeed. “It’s just about not being afraid to say what you need and what you want,” Jennifer later says. “And it’s still a challenge for me in a relationship.”

Host swap

Mayim Bialik has stepped down from hosting “Celebrity Jeopardy!” as Hollywood writers and actors unions continue to strike. Insiders tell Variety the “Blossom” alum exited “in solidarity” with the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA, and she’ll be replaced by her regular “Jeopardy!” co-host, Ken Jennings — who’s already been called out on X (formerly Twitter) for crossing the picket lines amid demands from his TV peers for better pay and improved working conditions.

Asked how the “Jeopardy!” shows would move forward without writers,showrunner Michael Davies recently cited plans to use a mix of “material that our WGA writers wrote before the strike” and recycled questions from past seasons. The writers’ union went on strike May 2, followed by the actors’ union on July 14. Season 2 of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” kicks off on Sept. 27.

A ‘Bachelorette’ first

“The Bachelorette” is now a fiancee — and she made history while getting engaged. On the Aug. 21 finale of the long-running ABC show, this season’s star Charity Lawson accepted a marriage proposal from 30-year-old integrative medicine specialist Dotun Olubeko, marking the first time the franchise has ended with a monoracial Black couple getting ready to say “I do.” Speaking to People, both Charity and Dotun said they hadn’t considered the fact that they were making history with their engagement. “That came as a shock, and I think it’s something that’s really beautiful,” Dotun told the outlet. “And it’s a huge part to our love story,” said Charity, a child and family therapist. “I think that also just shows love is love, and we can’t really put a label on that. It is important this type of love to be shown. Even when we see movies or we see TV shows, there is this narrative sometimes that with Black couples, that there’s this ginormous struggle, or there’s hurdles that you have to overcome in order to obtain one another or make this thing work, and that’s the reality.” Looking ahead, Dotun said he and his bride-to-be look forward to showing fans “what beautiful Black love can be like.” He added, “And we hope that the franchise also continues down that path.”

“The Bachelorette” Season 20 runner-up Joey Graziadei, meanwhile, is set to return to Bachelor Nation as the next star of “The Bachelor.”

A family, divided

In the wake of his tenure on “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Jon Gosselin says he’s been out of touch with most of his children — and his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin — for many years. Jon and Kate famously brought TV viewers inside their lives as they raised eight kids — sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Collin, Hannah, Joel and Leah, now 19, and twins Mady and Cara, now 22. “I haven’t talked to Mady and Cara for, oh I don’t even know, over a decade,” Jon tells Entertainment Tonight in a new interview. “And then I haven’t talked to Joel, Aaden, Leah and Alexis for five years. At this point, they’re adults now. So, I mean, I don’t even know their phone numbers or stuff.” He’s maintained relationships with his son, Collin, and daughter, Hannah, who both live with their dad, but Jon believes Kate’s anger towards him keeps their other children from pursuing a relationship with their father.

“So until my other kids figure that out … [and] stop believing in one side of the story, I can’t do anything else. I’ve tried to reach out to them and it has failed numerous times,” he says. Jon and Kate’s TLC show aired from 2007 until 2017. He says they no longer speak. “I haven’t heard her voice since 2018.”

Drew Barrymore and Renee Rapp

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