Sunne Harvests Solar Energy Into a Self-Powered Gradient Light

Taking the innovation of solar energy to a new level, Sunne introduces a self-powered lamp that harnesses the power of natural light to illuminate your home in gradient hues. Concocted by Marjan van Aubel, the lamp captures, stores, and produces light within three settings — Sunne Rise, Sunne Set and Sunne Light.

Sunne is made from a single curved strip of aluminum, shaped like the horizon, which provides a larger surface area for the solar cells. It has an integrated battery that stores the energy harvested from the sun and can be switched on and off with a touch or through the app. The lamp is 80 cm in length and hangs securely in front of your window with no external plug needed.

To further exemplify the fixture, the award-winning solar design brand launched the Sunne Experience during the Dutch Design Week, where an immersive installation allows visitors to bask in the sun cycles. Sunne lamps are hung all throughout an open space and accompanied by NASA’s Sound of the Sun for a full mesmerizing escape.

The Sunne light is now available on the brand’s official website.

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