Steph Curry Explains Golden State Warriors' Early Success This NBA Season

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are proving to be championship worth with their current record of 12-2 in the NBA‘s Western Conference. After a major upset win against the Brooklyn Nets and Curry’s former teammate Kevin Durant, the Warriors are reminding fans that they are not backing down from any challenge.

Post-win against the Nets, Curry spoke to reporters and entertained the idea of having Klay Thompson and James Wiseman back on the court. When discussing their progress, Curry said, “You got Klay Thompson and James Wiseman back at home playing 5-on-5 getting ready. So that’s a great problem to have.” He also revealed that their current rotations are the reason why they have seen great success so early on in the season, “That is the challenge of what we have in terms of balancing how many guys you can throw out there every single night and creating a solid rotation that’s going to help us win a championship, so that’s the secret sauce right now.”

It is uncertain when Thompson and Wiseman will make their wake back on the court, but so far Curry and the rest of the team have shown that they are just as tough without their star players.

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