Slot Machines

The slot machine was first introduced in 1894. The inventor or developer was Charles Fey, who named the first slot machines Liberty Bell. In the early 20th century, slot machines were brought to Nevada, where they became increasingly popular. Today, there are countless different types of slot machines, which have also made their entrance online.

liberty bell charles fey

The structure of the slot machine

In general, slot machines have a handle or a button that the player must activate to move the reels. All machines have at least three reels and at least one bet and payline. Today, however, you will find games with as many as 7 reels and a wealth of opportunities to win. The reels are divided into vertical columns as wine spins around when the game is activated. The paylines are usually horizontal where given combinations will pay off.

slot machines reels

This is how the game works

The goal of the player is to achieve a given combination of symbols on a payline. The more difficult it is to land a given combination, the higher the payout. The winnings can thus vary from small money to millions.

There is a large selection of slot machines, each with different rules and winnings. Online slot machines usually offer greater variety than desktop ones. Some of the online slot machines are progressive, which means that a prize pool escalates in line with the slot machine’s turnover. Another advantage of online gaming is that you can sit back and play anywhere and anytime.

Free Slots

You will find many slot machines you can try for free on Play Fortune. This is a unique opportunity to run a few test rounds before deciding to bet money on the game. This allows you to learn the rules of a given slot machine without thinking about the risk of loss. No download is required to try the games as they are played directly in the browser. If you are interested in playing for real money, we have many recommended casinos that offer you this.

Classic slot machines

These slot machines are inspired by all the first editions of the game and are still just as popular today. These slot machines are effortless to understand, and the game goes fast. In the newer editions of the classics, there is also an opportunity to win both free spins and participate in special bonus games that can be very profitable.

classic slot machines

Video slots

These slot machines usually consist of 5 or more reels, many paylines, and exciting bonus games. There is a multitude of these graphics-themed slot machines with different themes. It should therefore not be a problem to find a video slot machine that is right for you.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment develops some of the best casino games on the market today. Their slot machines have incredible graphics and are packed with special features you have never seen before. Most slot machines have their own button called “feature preview” where you can see how the bonus games take place without spending a penny. Several of Net Entertainment’s slot machines have progressive jackpots that will accumulate in line with the slot machine’s turnover.


Betsoft is constantly developing just as impressive 3D video machines that can easily be played directly in the browser. Here the player can experience fantastic graphics and elaborate animations, which can be expected from a modern video slot machine.


Microgaming is a pioneer in the gambling industry and casinos that use this software have the largest collection of casino games on the market. With a good mix of classic and modern slot machines, this should appeal to everyone.

Progressive jackpots are linked between all the casinos that use Microgaming. This means that the turnover on the slot machines increases, and thus the jackpots will also escalate faster. There are many different progressive jackpots on both the classic slot machines and the modern video slot machines.

Online slot tournaments

casino tournaments

Online slot tournaments are becoming increasingly popular as most online casinos now offer this. Players will often receive special offers in connection with the tournaments, such as one-time bonuses and free spins. With the launch of new slot machines, these are often included in the tournament so that as many players as possible can test the newcomers. Best of all, the opportunity is definitely there to win great prizes.