Say hello to the best Christmas adverts of 2022 (so far)

For many, the countdown to Christmas begins when they spot the first festive advert on TV – but what have John Lewis, M&S, Disney & Co got in store for us this holiday season?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that once November rolls around, we unexpectedly discover that our love-hate relationship with adverts has changed… in a very big way. No longer do we frantically stab at the ‘skip ad’ button when it pops up on our screens, and no more do we wander away to make a cuppa or nip to the loo when our favourite terrestrial programmes are cut off by an ad break. 

Instead, we sit in a state of excited anticipation, waiting for our very first glimpse of the year’s slew of Christmas adverts.

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From John Lewis to M&S, Disney to Sainsbury’s, even the most ardent advert hater can’t resist a good Christmas commercial. Primarily because… well, because they’re not selling anything. Not really – unless selling a mood, a feeling or a burning desire to nip to the shops (wait a minute!) is selling something.

With all of that in mind, then, here’s our pick of the best Christmas adverts from 2022 so far. The jury’s still out on which is our absolute favourite, mind you…

M&S – Fairy And Duckie

Dawn French reprises her role as Fairy in M&S’s new Christmas advert for 2022.

This isn’t just a Christmas advert, it’s an M&S Christmas advert – which means that it heralds, you guessed it, the return of Dawn French’s glamorous treetop fairy. This time, though, she’s found a friend in the form of exasperated doggy chew toy, Duckie… who is voiced by none other than French’s real life partner-in-comedy Jennifer Saunders.

There’s magic, there’s giggles aplenty and there’s obviously (foodies, rejoice!) a Christmas table groaning with a mouthwatering spread of festive favourites.

Check it out:

We’re suddenly ravenous for M&S’s Christmassy twist on the classic Friends Thanksgiving sandwich, complete with Ross Geller’s patented ‘The Moist-Maker’, and we don’t care who knows it. 

Disney –The Gift

Disney’s The Gift walks an emotional tightrope as it sums up all of the joy and love that a new sibling can bring with them – as well as the feelings of loneliness and displacement it can cause an older brother or sister, too.

Featuring vocals by Encanto star Jessica Darrow, the final instalment of the From Our Family To Yours trilogy (yes, a trilogy of Christmas adverts) sees a young girl feeling more than a little lost as her mother’s due date grows ever closer. 

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With a little help from her big brother, though, she soon realises that she still has an important role to play in their family dynamic, and…

Well, see for yourself:

Anyone else cutting onions? No? Just us, then.

TK Maxx –Christmas Nailed

All about gifting for less (undoubtedly a popular topic in this year’s current economic climate), TK Maxx’s Christmas advert for 2022 sees its hero congratulated by everyone she meets on her great-value gifts.

Check it out:

Everybody loves a bargain, after all.

John Lewis

It’s a staple in our Christmas advert calendar (see what we did there?), but it is not yet known exactly when the iconic John Lewis ad will be released or who will be behind the ad’s much-anticipated soundtrack.

Considering last year’s ad dropped on 4 November, though, we can’t have too much longer to wait.

And the rest?

We have no doubt that the likes of Sainsbury’s, Aldi and others will be dropping their own Christmas adverts in the not-so-distant future, although it remains to be seen what stories they will be telling.

We’ll be sure to update you just as soon as we learn anything. Because, let’s face it, a heartwarming Christmas advert update is always going to be a welcome relief from this year’s 24/7 ever-rolling roster of discomforting news.

Until then, then!

Images: M&S, Disney

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