RuneScape' Is Making Its Way to Android and iOS

A new version of RuneScape will soon be stepping into the world of mobile gaming. Not to be confused with Old School RuneScape, a different version of RuneScape, this upcoming game is the original PC game, updated and revamped for mobile gaming.

The game has been in its testing phase for quite some time — with more than 2.1 million installs — but it’s finally going to be available to everyone. RuneScape mobile will remain free-to-play, but the game’s developer Jagex has added some extra in-game purchases, bonus skills and quests, for players who decide they want a little extra boost to their gaming experience. Existing RuneScape players will be pleased to know that they’ll be able to access all their characters, skills and equipment from their original progress and continue quests as they have been doing on PC.

RuneScape‘s new mobile game, however, will look a little different from the PC version. It’s been adapted for mobile, redesigning things like menus, icons, typeface, textures and controls for combat.

RuneScape‘s upcoming mobile game is currently available for pre-order on iOS and Android — the game is expected to arrive this summer.

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