Rowing Blazers Gives Grateful Dead a Preppy Makeover

Rowing Blazers is taking over your Summer 2023 wardrobe, following up on its Gucci Vault capsule with a new collaboration that puts the spotlight on the Grateful Dead.

The legendary rock band has become a frequent source of inspiration and collaborative energy for many a brand in recent times, working alongside thisisneverthat, MARKET, AKILA, and others. Now, the band gets to add its signature iconography to the preppy garments Jack Carlson and his team at Rowing Blazers are renowned for.

Deadheads will appreciate a full spectrum of teddy bear-motif-emblazoned garments, seeing the mascot adorn button-down shirts, T-shirts, hoodies (in the form of a Dead F.C. emblem), patches, corduroy hats, and other essentials like polo shirts, notably one in a tie-dye finish.

Elsewhere, the band’s “Steal Your Face Skull” logo has been used across alternative shirts, polos, and a tie, and throughout the collaboration, you will find Rowing Blazers adding its Oxbridge nods to football and rowing by reworking the bear mascot.

The collaboration came to fruition thanks to Mike Gracie, a Grateful Dead fan and a self-described “parking-lot purveyor of dry goods you’ll find at shakedown streets all across the greater northeast.” Gracie, known for taking Rowing Blazers’ pieces and customizing them with Grateful Dead tweaks, now acts as Jack Carlson’s co-creator and source of inspiration.

Rowing Blazers’ Grateful Dead capsule is available in-store and online now. Take a look at the collection in the campaign above.

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