Reese's Bakes Its Very Own Limited-Edition Thanksgiving Pie

Following its first-ever cereal box and AR game collaboration with the infamous artist KAWS, Reese’s is rolling out its very own pie for Thanksgiving. The iconic cereal and candy brand has been celebrating all the key holidays with new releases and partnerships such as Halloween pumpkin-shaped Peanut Butter Cups and a joint effort with the pancake house IHOP as they stack up Reese’s Pieces pancakes.

With the gobbler-heavy holiday just around the corner, Reese’s is putting a twist on the traditional pie and magnifying its classic Peanut Butter Cup into a 9-inch disc with 3.4 pounds of set peanut butter and chocolate. This will be the largest size to date for the brand as it has now surpassed the previously released 1 pound pack which has two separate cups.

The ginormous creation will be encased in a specially branded box with only 3,000 made and up for grabs. For those looking for an unconventional pie to serve for the holiday, the Reese’s Thanksgiving Pie is now available on Hershey’s website.

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