R. Crumb Dedicates New Limited Edition Yoga Mat to His Late Wife

American artist R. Crumb revolutionized the medium of comic art in the ’60s and ’70s for his unapologetic reflection on society, often injecting his own fantasies and experiences through his signature cross-hatch aesthetic. While he never quite condoned some of the more grotesque depictions in his work, Crumb used his art to comment on the environment which he was raised in — or the “rotten core of America” as he’s referred to it in the past.

Much like his oeuvre, Crumb’s latest release is deeply personal. Produced via David Zwirner‘s Platform art shop, Shape Up! Yoga Mat (2023) is a limited edition artwork dedicated to his late wife, Aline — a devout yogi — who passed away earlier this year. Originally made as a drawing, the artwork was translated into a yoga mat to advertise an exercise class by Aline.

Exclusive to Platform, Shape Up! Yoga Mat (2023) has been tested for performance and comes with a carrying strap. For those looking to purchase, the mat is available for $250 USD online until 5am PT on September 7.

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