Quentin Tarantino on Retiring After Next Film: "From Here on in, Directors Do Not Get Better"

Quentin Tarantino is standing firm on his decision to retire after his 10th film, telling Bill Maher that “from here on in, directors do not get better.”

During the recent interview, the revered filmmaker explained that he wants to retire because he’s, as Maher puts it, at the top of his game. “That’s why I want to quit,” Tarantino said. “Because I know film history, and from here on in, directors do not get better.”

He added, “I haven’t retired yet; I still have another one to go. I don’t have a reason that I would want to say out loud that’s going to win any argument in a court of public opinion or a Supreme Court or anything like that. But at the same time, working for 30 years doing as many movies as I’ve done, which is not as many as other people, that’s a long career. That’s a really long career. And I’ve given it everything I have. Every single solitary thing I have.”

Tarantino continued to use fellow director Don Siegel as a “random example” of why it’s a smart move to quit while you’re ahead. “If you look at a director like Don Siegel, who actually had one of his best decades in the ’70s,” he said, “Oh my God, if he had quit his career in 1979 when he did ‘Escape from Alcatraz,’ what a final film! What a mic drop. But he dribbles away with two more other ones.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the filmmaker revealed that he once thought of rebooting his debut feature Reservoir Dogs as his final film. “That’s kind of a ‘captured time in a moment’ kind of thing. I actually considered doing a remake of Reservoir Dogs as my last movie,” Tarantino explained with a laugh. “I won’t do it, internet, alright? But I considered it.”

Watch the interview with Bill Maher above.

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