Prince Louis Tried on Kate Middleton's Sunglasses & It's Beyond Cute

If there were an award for goofiest young royal, Prince Louis would surely be in the lead — and this week, he’s entertaining aunt Meghan Markle too. At Prince William and Prince Harry’s charity polo match this week, pictures show Louis wearing Kate Middleton’s sunglasses for Meghan and Archie, sticking out his tongue and cracking up both Kate and Meghan. We already saw Louis don Harry’s clothes for Trooping the Colour — is it possible he inherited his uncle’s silly streak too?

The charity polo match was the first public appearance for all of Kate and William’s children since the birth of Archie. The full Cambridge and Sussex clans were present: on William’s side, Kate, 1-year-old Louis, 5-year-old Prince George and 4-year-old Princess Charlotte; on Harry’s side, Meghan and 2-month-old Archie. As Meghan made her way over to Kate and Louis, baby Archie in her arms, Louis beamed up in mom Kate’s sunglasses at his aunt and cousin, offering up an open-mouthed smile.

Kate gets a good laugh out of Louis’s antics — though that’s nothing compared to the massive response on Twitter. As it turns out, absolutely everyone is here for a good pic of Prince Louis in sunglasses. In fact, it’s really the only type of content we’re interested in this morning.

Some are calling this outing the first royal playdate, as it’s the first outing for this group of cousins. The day saw George and Charlotte playing soccer (and Charlotte doing a bit of ballet) while Louis played with Kate. It’s an exciting time to be a young royal — and we can’t wait to see what kind of trouble this group of cousins gets into over the years.

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