Peter Finer Presents Exhibition on “Mythical Beasts and Worldly Creatures”

Peter Finer is a London-based gallery that specializes in antique arms and armor. Established in 1967, the gallery boasts an assortment of historical objects that date back to the Bronze Age (3300 BC to 1200 BC) to the end of the 19th Century.

History buffs will be excited to see the gallery’s latest exhibition, “Mythical Beasts and Worldly Creatures.” The show along with the accompanying catalog focuses on representations of animals — both real and fictitious — on armor and weaponry from the many cultures around the world. Shamshir’s and Khanjar daggers from India, shields and axes from Persia, helmets and swords from Japan, to caskets and rapiers from Europe — a truly remarkable collection.

As is apparent in the craftsmanship, the antiques are true works of art in their own right, rather than just weaponry. The diverse selection on display shows the similar, yet unique cultural differences from one country to the other. “Mythical Beasts and Worldly Creatures” is on view at Peter Finer London until November 5.

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