Over 2 Million People Have Already Signed Up To Buy Spotify’s ‘Car Thing’

Spotify’s Car Thing has amassed a waitlist of more than 2 million people, CNET reported. The first piece of hardware from Spotify, the gadget is designed to make the streaming service easier to navigate in cars, including those with dated dashboard systems.

The device was launched for free in April to a limited number of Premium subscribers. The waitlist to purchase Car Thing, now priced at $80 USD, in the United States opened up shortly after. As of right now, you still have to be a Premium subscriber to both purchase and use it, and orders are capped to one per person.

Car Thing essentially looks and operates similarly to an iPhone, though it also has a large dial. Users can play music by tapping on the touch-screen or by directing it with voice commands. The dial functions as another means to browse and select songs.

Spotify finally started releasing Car Things to individuals about two weeks ago, but those on the waitlist should probably expect to see some delays in being able to actually purchase the gadget.

“The No. 1 constraint for us at this particular moment … is chip shortages,” CEO Daniel Ek said, according to CNET. “We just can’t make enough of them to get them out there to consumers.”

The global computer chip shortage has led to slowed production across industries, especially the electronic goods sector, which has experienced a rise in demand for products during the pandemic.

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