OBEY Drops New Holiday 2021 Collection To Close Out the Year

Released just in time to close out the year, OBEY is back with a new drop for its Holiday 2021 collection.

Utilizing a tongue-in-cheek design approach to support its “Anti-Hate” campaign, the brand embroidered catchphrases like “Strange Days” onto collection pieces to sum up the roller coaster ride that has been 2021. Key items include two hoodies – a black and white version – that feature multi-symbolism with a two-faced drama mask, a big-eyed scorpion, a leaf-tailed yin/yang icon, a palm tree jailed-beachfront and the words “Anti-Hate Campaign” positioned at the bottom front center and back.

Matching “Anti” sweatpants also incorporate the hoodie’s iconography with an added daisy flower and palmed handshake. Additional gear includes a white “Love is the Cure” slogan sweatshirt and a green OBEY “Eyes Icon 3 Box” logo sweatshirt.

All collection items are available now to shop on the OBEY website.

In other news, OBEY recently launched its limited edition “No. 1” fragrance.
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