Nintendo Is Releasing Its First Educational 'Typing Quest' RPG for the Switch

Nintendo and SENA Networks are getting ready to release the first educational typing game from the Switch. Titled Typing Quest, the typing adventure game is a Japanese typing trainer game that incorporates typing mechanics into an RPG game.

Unable to be played in handheld mode, this game will come with a Hori keyboard and USB hub stand where kids can play a single-player mode, multiplayer typing battle, and a daily task mode. The game’s description reads:

Play and learn with the first typing game for Switch! According to new educational guidelines, programming became a required subject in elementary school starting in 2020. And while the focus tends to be on the programs, typing is the equivalent of holding a pencil to learn writing for children who are using a computer for the first time. Being able to look up while accurately inputting keystrokes during class is the equivalent of looking at the blackboard while writing notes. And since you are going to be learning, why not improve your skills while playing on a game console?

Priced at ¥10,934 JPY (approximately $100 USD), those in Japan can expect the bundled starter set to release on April 22.

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