Netflix’s First Mobile Games Have No Ties to Its Shows

As it ventures deeper into the gaming sphere, Netflix has now launched a handful of mobile titles in specific regions, but most of them aren’t related to any of their shows or films at all.

While the entertainment giant kicked off its journey into the new medium with a game based on its massively popular series Stranger Things, it recently released several other Android games that don’t tie in with any of its existing IP, such as Card BlastShooting Hoops and Teeter Up. They’re also only available in very few regions for now, launching in Spain and Italy following a debut in Poland.

Luckily for fans who have been looking forward to more games from the streaming giant, Netflix has expanded on its development team by acquiring Night School Studio, the creators of the hit supernatural mystery graphic adventure title OXENFREE from 2016. While there’s no specific information of what games they’ll make together, the platform says that the exclusives will be available for free to existing Netflix subscribers.

Elsewhere in gaming, Game Freak has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
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