Need a Good Cry? Watch Kelly Clarkson Beautifully Perform "It's Quiet Uptown" From Hamilton

There are countless goosebump-inducing moments throughout the revolutionary Broadway musical Hamilton. However, one that stands out is fan-favorite song “It’s Quiet Uptown” — performed in the second act when Eliza and Alexander are grieving the loss of their son — which just might go down as the most heartbreaking song to ever hit Broadway.

When Kelly Clarkson recorded a beautiful, pop-inspired version of the track for the Hamilton Mixtape back in 2016, just one listen was enough to bring us all to tears. So, as we count down to the Hamilton film premiering on Disney+ on Friday, July 3, there couldn’t be a more fitting song for Clarkson to cover on her show. Check out her latest “Kellyoke” segment in the video above!

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