Mizuno's Three-Piece "Fisherman Pack" Celebrates Japan

Following the release of its sustainably-sourced “Undyed” sneaker pack, Mizuno now readies another trio of sneakers dubbed the “Fisherman Pack.” The carefully curated series builds upon Japan’s character as an island nation and the resulting unique culture it’s cultivated over the course of time.

Whilst taking inspiration from the natural scenery and tranquility of Japanese fishing towns, the collection pays homage to water and its ever-changing form. The overall color palette consists of a mix of ocean blue hues with hits of cream, light brown, and silver across. Consistent across the range are subtle fish illustrations and hits of wide-set mesh netting paired with premium nylon and thick suede.

Leading the series is the Wave Prophecy LS, based on Yoshitaka Takahashi’s Wave Prophecy 8 silhouette. The high-end runner combines the futuristic attributes of the brand’s Infinity Wave midsole with AIRmesh breathability for optimum performance, versatility, and comfort. Next is the Wave Rider 10, first launched in 2007 for the Wave Rider’s 10th anniversary. The retro-style neutral runner delivers a cushioned yet responsive foot feeling through its thermoplastic Wave Tech inserts.

Rounding out the trio is the Wave Mujin TL, which adopts the initial of designer Tuan Lee who produced the sixth installment of the runner. The multi-layered sneaker features hiking-style straps, wave-split midsoles, and extra grippy Michelin outsoles.

Mizuno’s “Fisherman Pack” will be available on December 2 via Wellgosh, Footpatrol, Urban Industry, HANON, and other select retailers. Prices range from £140 to £225 GBP (approximately $168 to $270 USD).

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