Michael Cera’s Reaction To Being Slapped by Rihanna Shows the Reality of Working Alongside Her

Remember that scene in Mean Girls when people ask about Regina George, and the last girl said: “She punched me in the face. It was awesome?” Well, Michael Cera is giving that same exact energy when it comes to talking about the iconic slap scene between him and Rihanna in the 2013 film This Is the End.

If you remember the film, then you remember cameos from both Cera and Rihanna, and you remember that scene: where Cera slapped her butt, and she slapped the side of his face. Well, it turns out, that slap was 100 percent real, and it’s a hilarious story.

THIS IS THE END, Michael Cera (yellow jacket), 2013. ph: Suzanne Hanover/©Sony Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

The story goes that Cera was supposed to slap her butt, and when he asked her about it, she agreed to it, but on one condition: she could slap him back, and much harder. Cera confirmed this in a recent interview with GQ, saying, “She definitely hit me. But I wanted that. I think it’s a lot funnier and a lot more convincing. A fake slap just doesn’t look good, so she hit me hard.”

He added, “Yeah, she really sent me flying, and it was great. And now it’s on film forever, this pain that I experienced.”

Honestly, we adore this dynamic, and it really shows how Rihanna likes to go all in with any project she does!

THIS IS THE END, from left: Jonah Hill, Rihanna, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, 2013. ph: Suzanne Hanover/©Sony Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection

And he wasn’t the only one who talked about this. Soon after the film came out in 2013, Seth Rogan talked about the slap to Sway In The Morning.

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