Mfpen FW23 Is for Rebellious Office-Goers Only

Danish co-ed label Mfpen is expanding its essential design language for Fall/Winter 2023, revealing its latest collection that taps into new-wave artwork. Influenced by the post-punk era, new-wave broke away from clean-cut Swiss art styles in the late 1970s.

Mfpen’s FW23 collection is a defiant take on typical office uniforms, looking to iconic British rock bands with authority. The Smiths, Ian Curtis, and The Specials inspire its rebellious personality, consisting of dismantled suiting that has been shredded, punctured, and unconventionally styled.

Office workers storm vacant halls in untucked pinstriped shirting tugged at the waist with slim neckties. Traditional blazers and pleated trousers complete the look, followed by chopped knitwear and calf-length wool outerwear. Nylon trench coats, textured cardigans, and ribbed tank tops accent additional outfits with graphic pins and rock ‘n roll flair.

Take a closer look at Mfpen’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

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