Mercedes-Benz Details 120 Years of Its History in Grille Design

Mercedes-Benz has just released a full look back at the history of its iconic automotive grilles. Dating back to the 1900s, the retrospective features the original honeycomb radiator grille of the 35 PS, then the transition into a protective cover in the Mercedes-Benz 170, then all the way into current times where the Black Panel grille serves as a shroud for modern techs like cameras, radar, and the Lidar scanner.

“The far-reaching technological transition to electric mobility and autonomous driving presents us with entirely new opportunities in exterior design. The classic radiator grille loses its original function and transforms into an avant-garde design artifact and technology hub. The Black Panel grille on our EQ models sets a milestone in this respect and shows how Mercedes-Benz is carrying the design of its radiator grille into the all-electric future,” says Robert Lesnick, Head of Exterior Design for Mercedes-Benz AG.

Spanning 120 years, the evolution of the three-pointed star can be found above. For a full breakdown of each grille, head over to Mercedes-Benz’s dedicated page.

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