Medicom Toy Releases Astro Boy "Brave Version" [email protected]

Medicom Toy‘s [email protected] line and Astro Boy have quite a history: the famed anime android was turned into 1000% and 400% [email protected] in 2016, and also appeared as a fully articulated 200% [email protected] in 2017. Now, [email protected] and Astro Boy are back together once again for a new “Brave Version” figure.

Appearing in a supersized 1000% as well as a standard 400% and 100% set, the “Brave Version” figure features a determined expression on its face in place of the welcoming grin of its predecessor. However, the rest of its build is left completely untouched — its ears are translucent with black spikes to represent Astro Boy’s hair, two-tone green and black shorts cover its waist and signature red boots appear on its feet. The 1000% stands at 70cm tall (just over 2’3) while the 400% and 100% are 28cm and 7cm tall ( just over 11 inches and just under 3 inches).

Interested parties can purchase Medicom Toy’s Astro Boy “Brave Version” [email protected] at MCT Tokyo. The 1000% is priced at ¥46,200 JPY (approximately $425 USD) while the 400%/100% set arrives at ¥13,200 JPY (approximately $122 USD). Both prices are inclusive of tax.

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