Man in Tokyo Effortlessly Robbed of $55,000 USD 18K-Gold Rolex Yacht-Master II

Even if Japan does sit on the list of top 10 safest countries in the world, this next story proves that you should always be cautious when selling your high-valued goods — especially a $55,000 USD 18K gold USD Rolex Yacht-Master II.

A man from Saitama, Tokyo scheduled a meeting with a buyer where the two agreed to meet in a parking lot. The buyer showed up in shorts and a T-shirt while wearing thick gloves. While many would have called off the deal, the seller, who admits he was “too stupid and honest” went a step further by reducing the price of the Rolex down to ¥6.3 million JPY ($47,000 USD) and even obliged when the buyer asked him to head to the convenience store to buy tea — leaving watch with the “buyer.” The whole robbery took place in under two minutes.

Needless to say that when he came back with the tea, the buyer was gone, and left the seller the text message, “I left it in your car.” Not all is lost, however, as the buyer was able to get a video recording of the thief as well as CCTV footage of what transpired. In high spirits, the seller even went on local news for an interview which can be viewed above.

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